Listening is Learning


Please note that teachers may need to modify this lesson plan to address the varying needs of individual learners in their classes. It should also be noted that the use of the fennec fox mask or blindfold is for sighted students. However, all students in the class should participate in all the activities, and all accommodations or additional materials (i.e. Brailed text where applicable) must be provided for students with visual impairments to fully participate and engage in the lesson.

Essential Question:

How is listening learning?

Activation Strategies:

learning - description - listening


Teaching Strategies:

Distributed Guided Practice/Summarizing Prompts:

Summarizing Strategies:

Culminating Activity:

Students will work in groups of 3-4 to create a 15-20 minute educational video (from any content area). Video must have educational value. After creating the video, students must also write a description script for the video. Students should follow the guidelines addressed in the Description Key when creating the description script for their video.

Additional Sources for Described Media:

DCMP on YouTube
Narrative Television Network
Movies for the Blind
Learning-Focused—Increase Teacher Effectiveness |